Hi, I’m Nicole. Here’s my bio:

I tell brand stories in exciting ways, from strategic planning down to words and visuals.

I’ve at it for nearly 7 years now! Over those years I’ve kept my plate full of amazing clients, from mom and pop distilleries to tech’s finest SaaS players. Each has given me a new perspective and challenged me to refine my skills across all areas of marketing. At this point, I can tell you how to get your product covered in a magazine or why your Facebook ads aren’t converting. I’ve designed both trade show displays and marketing plans complete with business-minded KPIs. My content writing has been sharpened to a fine point.

From late 2012 to late 2016 I served as the Interim Head of Marketing at Small Hand Foods, a cocktail syrup manufacturer. Through strategic marketing efforts, I increased their e-commerce revenue by 183% and order size by 166%. These days I’ve been managing teams for marketing/PR agencies and serving my own clients such as Everwise, Reflektive, and Trip.com.

I’m currently based in sunny Los Angeles, but have lived in Seattle, San Francisco, and Cairo, Egypt. I love being on the road so I can meet new people and build an international perspective. My current addiction is train trips through north/western Europe. I’ve attained intermediate levels of fluency before in Japanese and Arabic, but my current side-project is moving from B1 to C1 in German.

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Here’s how I went from studying political science in Egypt to managing marketing teams in LA

(If you were curious)

I completed an undergrad degree with honors in International Relations from Mills College back in 2011. During my studies, I wanted to spend a year at the American University in Cairo, but there wasn’t a program in place to facilitate my dream. Undeterred, I put together my own program which is still enabling a pipeline of US-based students to receive a global perspective on political science.

I had 2 options upon my return from Egypt: A CIA recruiting plan or a full-ride scholarship for my MBA at Mills. I took the 10,000 Women in Business Scholarship from Goldman Sachs and got busy learning about project management, leadership, and economics. This was my hard-numbers phase as I was also an analyst at the FDIC helping with community bank oversight in the wake of the financial crisis. Yet when I graduated in 2012, I took a hard look at my passions and launched a clothing line instead of staying in finance.

Leaf & Crown Clothing was born just following my graduation, and I produced 400 garments made in a sewing factory just off Market St. in San Francisco. I designed the pieces and oversaw every aspect of production, from the industrial patterning process to crawling on the factory floor inspecting bolts of fabric. I sold every unit between wholesale placements and selling in person at events. It was a cherished time in my life, but I realized I was enjoying the marketing parts of my job above everything else.

I’d dabbled in social media for some startups before, but after the experience of working on full-scope marketing programs in my grad program and my own company I was hooked. My first individual clients came quickly, then my time with Small Hand Foods, and finally opportunities to step into agencies and help manage their people. I haven’t looked back since, and you can see what I’ve been up to as a marketer in my portfolio!

Yes, all of me may not fit well on a CV, but you bet I’m a blast to work with (and talk to at parties)!