Targeted Collateral Example:

Collateral for Reflektive, which addressed the specific pain point of switching to a new feedback management software as a CHRO for a 1,000+ person organization.

  • Received customer research and conducted further investigation
  • Identified existing user successes and pain points
  • Conceptualized and wrote document in accordance with the brand style guide
  • Provided graphic design guidance







Marketing Strategy Example:

In 2017, approached me to design a strategy for increasing their user base in Berlin by 25% over the course of 3 months.

  • Produced a hybrid marketing plan combining’s unique emphasis on in-person events with digital marketing strategies
  • Delivered a research + persona development plan, including diving into existing German users to understand personas, interviewing ambassadors in other cities to understand their process, identifying digital networks of Berlin residents to tap into, building a press/influencer database, identifying if there were dormant Trip users in Berlin we needed to activate, and more
  • Established points of differentiation for the brand
  • Investigated baseline levels of engagement for existing users in Berlin
  • Provided recommendations on messaging and voice best practices for the German market


Partnership + Social Media Example:

During my time running marketing for Small Hand Foods, leadership wanted to expand our social reach. I proposed engaging a strategic partner to grow our footprint while continuing to give our followers exciting, relevant content. 

  • Researched and proposed potential partnerships to leadership
  • Pitched marketing teams of selected partners, negotiated terms, and finalized an agreement
  • Conceptualized the theme and visual styling for a series of cocktail recipes
  • Oversaw shoot logistics for a team of 3
  • Personally edited resulting photos and provided graphic design
  • Managed scheduled deployment and paid promotion of the content on all social channels

Our social media “recipe book” of on-trend cocktails in partnership with Hamilton Rum averaged 75% more shares and likes than our normal promoted content. I also worked with Ops/Finance to get extra promotional budget, resulting in an over 120% increase in conversions that month for 2 key products.




Content Marketing Strategy Example:

Articles, white papers, and case studies for Everwise, based upon a rich analysis of their customers’ needs. Everwise presented a wonderful opportunity to educate target customers about mentorship and it’s benefits, along with many other HR management topics.

  • Conducted customer journey and funnel mapping to find areas of need 
  • Worked with the internal marketing team to build a content strategy in line with business goals
  • Developed and embodied the brand’s voice
  • Conceptualized and created content in line with the specified strategy
  • Provided graphic design guidance

You can read my public-facing content for Everwise (no paywall) here.

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