Hi, I'm Nicole!

I'm a UX program, project, and people manager.
About Me

Me, succinctly:

I’ve walked a winding road in my 10+ year career, including such highlights as “full-ride Goldman Sachs MBA scholar” and “founded and designed a clothing line” as well as a brief detour into “laid off from a dream tech startup job but bounced back” and finally “the manager who helped me realize who I am.”

My path in tech has included product-side work as well as agency, and clients of every variety including public sector and the Fortune 100. I’ve bounced around different aspects of design, but it remains my passion and lens through which I see the world. What weaves my professional story together is empathy and advocacy for other people, which is built into the UX work I oversee presently.

UX attracted me because I could combine the technical and design skills I’ve collected along my journey to do meaningful interdisciplinary work–work that is genuinely empathetic to my fellow humans.

Employers & Clients

What I Do

program management

Visioning and strategy for UX teams and programs as a whole. Also: KPI definition, process development/refinement, documentation, leveling, staffing.

project management

Delivery of discrete projects on time and within-budget. With special attention to: business goals-setting, scope control, and facilitation of design/engineering collaboration.

people management

Direct management of UX-specific or interdisciplinary teams. Primarily focused on: co-creation of goals, continuous learning, and feedback that respects the humans involved.

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