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Want to reach me? This is the best place, but you can also find me at the social links below.

    Are you available for freelance work?

    I’m currently gainfully (and happily) employed, but I occasionally freelance on the side where I don’t have a conflict of interest. I’m especially interested in UX strategy consulting if you need help in that area.

    How fast do you respond?

    It depends, but if you haven’t heard from me in 2-3 business days please feel free to send a follow-up. If I don’t respond to your follow-up, please take it as a polite opt-out. While I take the time to read all correspondence, some opportunities and messages may not be aligned with how I want to spend my time.

    Would you mentor me?

    While my time is limited, I currently am open to mentoring designers and project managers who are early in their careers OR about to graduate. Send me a message with a little bit about yourself and what you’re hoping to get out of a mentoring relationship and I’ll let you know if I’m also interested.

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